values to accompany the longevity revolution

At ekei labs, we believe that longevity is necessary to humanity. To democratise this movement and allow most of us to benefit from it, we need to base our business practices on strong values.

marketing claims .

ekei labs will never use undeliverable and unrealistic claims.

Our products and services are strictly developed on peer-reviewed scientific studies. These articles will be constantly shared on an open database on our website (coming soon) so anybody can make their own educated opinion.

knowledge .

Longevity can change the face of the world.

For this revolution to truly happen, as many people as possible must get access to the knowledge related to the discoveries in this field.

We are not only interested in selling products. Conveying our vision and our ideas to the community while always innovating is at our core.

longevity of the planet .

If we can live longer and healthier, so should our beloved planet.

We use an enzymatic process for the production of our molecule as much as possible, decreasing drastically toxic waste.

We will soon implement repacking options and reusable nutraceutical containers.