new way of living requires new way of ageing

The shape of our world is changing. Reinventing ageing is as much a health challenge as it is a social one .

humanity’s next challenge .

The world is ageing. The demographical structures of industrialised societies are shaken. Indeed, medical progress, prosperity and peace made current generations live longer than ever just while new rhythms of life and new aspirations decreased the natality rates. As a result, we live an unprecedented situation where the seniors tend to be more numerous than the youth. Reinventing ageing is now a necessity.

The ratio of active persons to retirees is globally reducing, leaving the youth with more important social responsibilities. Imagine the possibilities if the elderly could maintain youthful energy levels? Deeper collaborations between generations could be achieved, new ways of thinking could emerge from shared experiences and overall a more inclusive society would emerge. Also post-retirement isolation—which leads to premature physical and cognitive decline [1]—would be avoided. This is the future ekei labs wants to contribute to create.

We tend to live longer than our parents did [2], unfortunately, we get sicker due to the growing incidence of age-related diseases such as cancer [3],[4]. Across the world, many governments are facing issues with healthcare systems [5] becoming in deficit or citizens not being able to afford their medical expenses.

Medical progress and technologies such as A.I. will help doctors to diagnose and treat age-related diseases better. Yet preventing their incidence is the first link of this chain: by tackling ageing we can restitute the human body to its optimal ability to naturally defend itself.

At ekei labs, we vow to reinvent ageing to create a society that includes all generations by ensuring them prime body and mental abilities for a prolonged time.

increasing life expectations .

Modern societies let us aspire to more flexible life paths, giving us more control to start new careers [7], build families[8], live new experiences and rediscover ourselves. Often, a person can get discouraged to commit risky life decisions on account of th advanced age [9]. We believe that fighting fate and restoring the potency of giving a turn in one’s life is an important trait of youth essential to live in our ever flexible societies.

Well-being has been redefined, people’s expectations have evolved. We observe the growing affluence of trends that help people to optimise many aspects of their lives. These are getting more and more sophisticated and cover a wide range of one’s life: diet10, muscular [11] and brain exercise [12] or stress-relieving techniques, are getting more and more complex and democratised. This reflects a strengthening desire from large groups to educate and improve themselves towards reaching higher goals.

Yet despite all our efforts, by nature’s design, our organisms are programmed to degeneration over time [13]. While decrease of physical [14],[15], cognitive [16],[17] and sexual abilities [18],[19] are debilitating, diseases such as Parkinson’s [20], Alzheimer’s [21],[22], osteoarthritis [22],[23] or myopathy [24] are violent consequences of this biological decline.

That is why we need a hack. Ageing doesn’t fit our life expectations and needs to be treated as it is: a component of our natural program that must be optimised.

a demanding modern lifestyle .

Being involved in demanding activities and careers can lead to an unhealthy amount of stress [25],[26]. Intensive sports activities can lead to joints soreness [27],[28]; staring at screens can defect the sight [29],[30]; attending music shows can depreciate the hearing [31]; drinking alcohol creates inflammation in all our cells and organs [32],[33]. An intensely paced life can accelerate the surge of negative ageing impacts.

The list of habits that have aggravating effects over time is just too long—in fact, we are not all equally facing ageing. That is why we are working hard on helping everyone to restore their physiology to a youthful state at the cellular level.

At ekei labs, we believe in a world where we can keep living a fulfilled life as each one intends it.