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ekei builds a revolutionary experience that enables people from all backgrounds to engage in their longevity quest. ekei empowers those who are willing to live a longer and healthier life by providing tools to gain control over their ageing.

ekei.life tells the story of your ageing through an interactive experience where you are the hero. Start your adventure now in a universe mirroring your body and unravel the secrets to prolonged health.
Adopting a new health routine requires discipline and courage. ekei supports you by building the first longevity experience centred around your motivation and commitment.

Ageing is a complex process affecting multiple hallmarks of your physiology. It is the sum of many factors including DNA loss of information, old cells becoming non-functional and the decline of the immune system. To control this process, it is essential to keep monitoring the evolution of your health on all such axes correlated with ageing. ekei.life is integrated into your daily habits to help improve your health on each axis.

The science behind our experience is based on the latest scientific achievements and discoveries. ekei.life stays up to date with current research in the longevity field to offer you the best solution to optimize your ageing.

The game universe of ekei.life is grounded on your ekei.span bioportrait. Each time your profile is updated, your game will be as well. You will then unlock new rewards, content, and more accurate recommendations.

We are looking forward to building your longevity framework.


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