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a comprehensive longevity system .

longevity for all 

ekei was born in November 2017 in Tokyo, Japan led by a team of young people passionate about biology.

From the start the vocation has been to democratise longevity, humanity’s next breakthrough. Our core focus is centered around the user and its experience of longevity. We need to make the recent scientific progress understandable, desirable and available for the general public to accompany this revolution.

The volume of scientific contributions in the different research areas around healthspan is growing year after year. ekei is aiming to become a player in the longevity movement by bringing pioneering methods available for any person whether they are science agnostic or already knowledgable.

ageing healthier, living longer 

Our specificity as humans is to be able to take control over our natural condition. We build bridges, cross the oceans, place satellites in orbit around our planet, design drugs to cure infections or to control birth. Nature's design is beautiful and has allowed us to evolve from single cellular organism to the complex scient animal beings that we are. However nature did not encountered the need to equip us with a feature that we envy a lot: staying young and healthy for a longer period of time throughout our time on Earth, or even let us live as long as we desire. From the knowledge we are acquiring it is now our responsibility to design a solution that can help us reach this goal.

What is ageing smartly? At ekei labs, we believe it is keeping physical and cognitive capacities for a longer time. Our bodies are self-regulated machines that have recycling pathways for energy production and repair. However, these salvage pathways are not 100% perfect and deteriorate over time making us more prone to diseases. Restoring this equilibrium in our body would provide us with enough energy to follow the will of the mind.

Today we have a deeper understanding of why we age and how to increase lifespan. Using the most promising research to provide more years of a healthy life is what we target. ekei labs begins with its dietary supplement and will diversify soon with a broader panel of methods to extend human lifespan.

values to lead the longevity revolution

01. transparency  


02. claims

03. sustainability

ekei lets you make your own opinion.
We put all our effort to produce quality in-house content explaining the latest scientific studies, engage with the community, and share the methodology and analysis.


ekei will never put marketing over integrity.

Our methods are rigorously elaborated on peer-reviewed scientific studies. Therefore their claims are never undeliverable or unrealistic.


 ekei is about longevity of humanity and of our planet. 

We can’t live longer on finite resources if we don't also make an effort for sustainability.