Who is ekei labs?

ekei labs' mission is to help humanity track, act on, and stay engaged in their longevity framework to overcome ageing. To do so, ekei builds a comprehensive longevity ecosystem where its users can access the latest scientific achievements in biological age tracking, longevity protocols, and supplements. The objective is to allow everyone to comprehend the scientific principles that drive the latest trends, engage with actionable recommendations, and visualise the outcomes to determine what approach works best for them. We are based in Tokyo, Japan, where life expectancy is among the highest and ageing research is thriving.

What does ekei labs offer?

ekei labs allows you to become a longevity pioneer. The longevity field is still relatively new, and it can be challenging to navigate the hype. We provide tools to help you access the latest products, form your own informed opinions, and track how these products affect your health.

What does ekei labs stand for?

ekei’s core mission is longevity democratisation, but never at the expense of truth or scientific accuracy. We will always back our claims with peer-reviewed scientific papers and be transparent about the science behind the choices for developing our products. We will always give you the tools to assess our strategy. Above all, we believe in your empowerment - your data is, and will always be, yours.

What does it do?

ekei.glytra assesses your biological age by measuring markers for chronic inflammation. These biomarkers, highly responsive to shifts in your lifestyle, offer crucial feedback that can aid in crafting a longevity strategy that's custom-made to suit your specific needs.

What does it not do?

Neither ekei.glytra nor the content on our website should be perceived as a source of medical advice, nor should they substitute professional medical expertise or treatment. If you, or someone else, have a medical concern, we strongly advise you to consult a healthcare provider or seek other professional medical help. You should never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking help due to any result from ekei.glytra or the content on our website. In the event of a suspected medical emergency, please immediately contact your doctor or your local emergency services.

What does it say about my ageing?

ekei.glytra focuses on the glycans present on your antibodies. These glycans need to maintain a balance between anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory states for optimal function. However, as we age and subject to our lifestyle choices, these glycans tend to lean more towards being pro-inflammatory. This shift can accelerate ageing and heighten the risk of diseases.

How often should I test?

If you're interested merely in keeping tabs on your biological age and the inflammation levels of your glycans, we recommend testing annually. On the other hand, if you're making lifestyle changes and want more frequent feedback on how these adjustments affect your biomarkers, testing twice a year would be ideal.

Blood Collection
How do I prepare for my test?

The test involves a straightforward finger prick to collect a blood sample on a dry-spot card. There's no need to fast, but to ensure the best quality sample, we recommend avoiding heavy alcohol consumption or high-fat meals for eight hours prior to the test. For a smoother testing process, hydrating well and taking a warm shower beforehand can be beneficial.

How do I collect my blood?

Important: Failure to collect an adequate sample may require an additional test. Please, ensure to fill in all four circles of the blood collection card with sufficient blood.

Your test kit should include the following items:
Sterile alcohol prep pads x2
Lancets x2
Blood collection card with desiccant x1
Adhesive bandages x2
Plastic bag with desiccant x1
Return envelope x1

We advise you to refrain from consuming excessive alcohol or high-fat meals for eight hours before taking your blood. Although this won't directly impact your result, it could interfere with your blood sample quality. Place the contents of the ekei.glytra kit on a clean, flat, dry surface. Avoid touching the filter paper of the blood collection card. Have the plaster and a clean tissue ready to hand.There are a couple of things you can also do before you collect your sample, so the process is as smooth as possible:

Wash your hands with soap and water, then dry. Prepare a plaster and have a clear tissue ready.

Warm up your fingers by rubbing your hands together for about 20-30 seconds. Wipe the selected finger (preferably the middle or ring finger) with the sterile alcohol swab and let it dry.

Twist off the top of the lancet. Press it firmly down on your finger (preferably the outer centre of your fingertip). After a few seconds, a drop of blood will appear.


Without touching the card with your finger, apply at least one drop of blood per circle on the blood collection card. Do not press the finger against the collection paper. Ensure all collection circles are filled - wait for a large drop of blood to form between each attempt and add a second one if needed. Avoid milking the finger, as this will speed up clotting and slow down the bleeding.Ensure you add enough blood to ensure sample quality and avoid repeating the test.

If the flow stops before you can fill in all circles, you must re-pierce with the spare lancets provided.

Leave the blood collection card to air-dry for 2 hours before enclosing back into the plastic bag with the desiccant provided. Make sure to write the date of your sample collection underneath your unique EKEI-GA code on the inside of the blood collection card.

Place only the plastic bag with blood collection card and desiccant in the provided envelope and post ideally the same day. Please keep it in the fridge until you are ready to post.

How do I store the blood collection card?

Make sure that you let your sample air dry for 2 hours. We advise sending your sample on the same day that you collect it, but if there is a delay, store the card in the fridge until you're ready to send it. When sending, include the desiccant bag in the envelope.

Shipping & Sample Return
Does ekei ship internationally?

Please send an email to info@ekeilabs.com for any orders outside of Japan.

What address do I return my sample to?

The return postage is pre-paid and labelled on the provided envelope.

How do I ship my sample back to ekei labs?

Please use the pre-paid and labelled return envelope. If your sample is compromised or has issues when it reaches our lab, we will provide you with a replacement kit. If your kit didn't contain a pre-paid envelope, please reach out to us for assistance.
To prevent any processing delays, please double-check that all necessary steps have been completed before shipping your sample:
• Have you filled each circle on your dry blood collection card with sufficient blood, as indicated in the instructions?
• Have you allowed your sample to air-dry, left open for at least two hours?
• Have you enclosed the blood collection card and the attached desiccant inside the plastic safety bag, and sealed it?
• Have you placed the plastic safety bag inside the return envelope and sealed it?

What to do if my test hasn't arrived yet?

You should receive your test within 3 to 5 business days after placing your order. If your kit doesn't arrive within this timeframe, please contact us at info@ekeilabs.com from the same email address you ordered with. We'll arrange for a replacement kit to be shipped to you at no additional cost.

How long does it take to receive my results?

Expect your results to be ready within 3 to 5 weeks. This timeline allows us to run multiple tests on your samples, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

How do I receive my results?

You can access your results on your dashboard 3 to 5 weeks after we receive your samples. We will notify you by email once the results are ready.

How does ekei ensure the integrity of the results?

We analyse your samples three times, explaining the weeks of analysis. We follow the highest standards in the industry to ensure the most accurate biological age possible.

How can I change my date of birth, biological sex or ethnicity details?

Currently, these settings cannot be adjusted via your dashboard. To make any necessary changes, please send us an email at info@ekeilabs.com.

Are my results secured?

Our mission is to create technologies enabling our users to benefit from biomedical research without compromising their privacy. We're committed to empowering our users by ensuring they have complete control over their bio-data. The safety of our users and their data is at the core of our mission. and we adhere to the most rigorous standards of protection.

My results are not what I expected.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your results, you can reach out to us at info@ekeilabs.com, providing your unique number. Results that deviate significantly from your expectations could be due to genetic factors or unanticipated lifestyle influences. We're here to help address any concerns you may have, so please don’t hesitate to drop us an email.

Can I do anything about my results?

Your biological age is not fixed in time. It fluctuates depending on your chronological age, genetics and lifestyle. Find out how to decrease your biological age and slow down ageing on www.ekeilabs.com

Special considerations for ekei.glytra
Who can not take the test?

1. People under 18 cannot take the test. They have a specific glycobiome. Therefore the analysis would be biased.

2. People having received blood transfusion or gamma globulin blood derivatives (such as intravenous immunoglobulin preparations) within the last six months.

3. People under blood-thinning medications or suffering from a blood clotting disorder should discuss the safety of taking the test with their physician.

Can I still take the test if I'm pregnant?

Pregnancy can affect the results. We advise taking the test upon re-establishment of your normal menstrual cycle after the end of the pregnancy. To be noted that the test is not riskier than a usual blood withdrawal and could be taken during the pregnancy.

Are there any medications that can interfere with my results?

Certain medications can affect your result. Contraceptives and other hormonal therapy can also affect your result. If you are taking contraceptives or other hormonal therapy (including but not limited to IVF hormonal treatment), please report this to our team via info@ekeilabs.com

Is there any health risk associated with taking the test?

The test is not riskier than a usual blood withdrawal. People having received blood transfusion or gamma globulin blood derivatives (such as intravenous immunoglobulin preparations) within the last six months cannot take the test. People under blood-thinning medications or suffering from a blood clotting disorder should discuss the safety of taking the test with their physician.

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