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Time does not define your age
Your lifestyle does

We all age at different rates, and it depends on our genetics but also a unique combination of lifestyle choices making who we are.

The food we eat, the quality of our sleep, and even the air we breathe are among a wide range of actionable factors that influence our body's ageing rates at a cellular level.

Because our life is unique, each of us has a unique formula that best optimises our health.

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  • ⏱️ Assesses your biological age
  • 🔬 Measures key biomarkers of immunity and inflammations
  • 🏃 Correlates your lifestyle with your results through our web app
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  • ⏱️ Assesses your biological age
  • 🔬 Measures key biomarkers of immunity and inflammations
  • 🏃 Correlates your lifestyle with your results through our web app
  • 🎯 Gives a biological feedback on your lifestyle interventions to find your unique recipe for better ageing
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Track Ageing

We see our body shape, skin and hair condition in the mirror every day, but often, little is known about the condition of our body at the microscopic level.

Therefore, having a tool to learn more about your biological ageing, immune system, and the effect of your lifestyle on them is a potent tool to build your health strategy.

Build your longevity strategy with ekei

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Build your longevity strategy with the right protocols

Investigate your cells

A cell is the building block of all living organisms. The deterioration of cell functions is the cause of most symptoms of senescence, such as decreased immune function, loss of muscle mass, skin ageing, and age-related neurological disorders.

Observing the body's condition at a cellular level is a good predictor of our ageing rate.

Investigate your glycans

When we are young, glycans are usually primarily anti-inflammatory.

Later in life, glycans become unbalanced due to multiple physiological causes, and they ultimately lose the capacity to suppress low-grade inflammation, also called inflammageing.

Glycans, being closely related to ageing, are a great indicator of both your immune system condition and biological ageing.

Investigate your IgGs

Immunoglobin G (IgG) is the most abundant antibody in our blood, and it is covered with sugar-chain structures called glycans. The glycan's shape can switch the IgG into either anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory mode.

Therefore, their normal functioning is essential for good immune system health.

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