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Raises NAD+ levels in the bloodstream and the brain to counteract ageing;

  • Improves mental clarity, memory and concentration.

  • Activates anti-ageing DNA repair mechanisms.

  • Cleanses cellular waste to alleviate inflammations and chronic pains.

  • Protects neurons and stimulates the creation of new ones.


clidro is a natural sublingual supplement bypassing the digestive tract, therefore, reaching efficiently the bloodstream to deliver its active agent to all tissues.
It can cross the blood-brain barrier to raise NAD+ levels in the hypothalamus part of the brain.


Contains 100mg of NAD+ per tablet . 60 tablets per bottle.

2 to 3 tablets a day. Keep the tablet under the tongue until dissolution.

Made in Japan

nutritional informations .

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) 100 mg per tablet

Flavour ingredients: natural dry coat lemon flavour, natural citric acid

Flow agents: natural calcium stearate, natural cellulose, natural stevia

GMO-free - All ingredients are natural and non-artificial

cellular ageing is the root of ageing .

We are only as old as our cells. However, we do not age at the same pace from one person to another.  The rapidity and severity of ageing depend heavily on lifestyle habits, including:

  • External exposure ; UV and X-rays, infections, pollution and toxic substances.

  • Diet ; alcohol, high glycemic index and processed foods.

  • Life-balance ; high levels of stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise.

Cellular ageing is exponential - once older cells start to dysfunction, they accumulate errors in the genome expression and create more cellular wastes and inflammations. This results in an acceleration of ageing in the surrounding tissues, reflecting on the entire body as:

  • Deterioration of physical and cognitive abilities

  • Surge of chronic and degenerative diseases

  • Cancer development

nad+ to stop and reverse cellular ageing .

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a vital enzyme naturally occurring in every cell. Inside the mitochondria, which are the power plants of the cell, NAD+ is tasked with at converting nutrients and oxygen into energy.

NAD+ is a promising candidate for healthy life extension. There is now countless published research that links low levels of intracellular nad+ in age-related and chronic diseases.

From birth, NAD+ levels decrease systematically with age and the organism is not able to efficiently restore them from food: at the age of 80, only 1 to 10% of its initial amount remains. Restoring youthful levels appears to be a promising way to positively act on important factors of cellular ageing.

Science research has already shown in mice studies that raising intracellular NAD+:

  • Solicits anti-ageing DNA repair mechanisms through SIRT1 genes activation

  • Improves neurological functions and stimulates neurogenesis

  • Activates anti-oxidation mechanisms to treat cellular wastes and inflammations

  • Alleviates the deterioration of the arteries

  • Attenuates vision loss caused by ageing

  • Increases endurance

  • Recovers juvenile cardiac performance

  • Recovers juvenile appearance

  • Increases life expectancy significantly

Trials on patients re underway to confirm these results in humans. Patients need to be followed-up over decades hence it might take some time to conclude the lifespan extension results.

More than 70 years ago caloric restriction was reported as the most reliable non-pharmacological intervention increasing lifespan and protecting against metabolic disease. Among the different mechanisms by which caloric restriction may act is Sir2/SIRT1, the activation of a group of genes in charge of ageing-related DNA damage repair. Today we know that NAD+ mimics caloric restriction and activates the same SIRT genes.

sublingual administration to reach more tissues .

For NAD+ supplementation to be effective, it needs to reach all of the body tissues cells. In oral supplementation, the molecules are broken down by stomach acid and sponged by the liver hence restraining the access to the other organs.

In sublingual administration, NAD+ passes intact through the buccal mucosa directly into the bloodstream to reach various parts of the body. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol naturally present in grapes that has antioxidant properties and an ultra-low caloric index. Alcohols are known to increase buccal mucosa permeability that is why erythritol is used in clidro to allow better absorption of NAD+.

NAD+ can cross the blood-brain barrier via a specific mechanism, raising the levels in the hypothalamus.


The hypothalamus is the clock of the human body. Located in the core area of the brain it keeps track of time, is responsible for triggering the onset of puberty and has been hypothesized to play an important role in ageing. Studies have shown that injecting fresh new cells (stem cells) in the hypothalamus of mice slowed ageing .

frequently asked questions .

■ what’s in clidro?

clidro contains NAD+ and natural flow agents to help its assimilation. All ingredients are natural and GMO-free. A full list of ingredients is available on the product page on the “nutritional information” link.

■ how do i use clidro?

Take a tablet, up to three times per day, preferentially before meals throughout the day.

Place the tablet under the tongue and let it dissolve for better results.

■ how do i store clidro?

Keep clidro in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

Once opened, fasten the cap tightly and consume it immediately.

■ is clidro an anti-ageing product?

clidro tackles repair processes in every cell of your body by replenishing them with NAD+ — a naturally occurring enzyme that fades out with age. ”Anti-ageing” is an uncertain claim for now as human clinical trials require to follow-up patients over decades. We are confident of the potential of this molecule, and you can deduce your own opinion here (coming soon)

■ from what age should i start using clidro?

Depending on the lifestyle (urban life, stress, alcohol etc.) it can be useful to start using clidro from 25-30 years old to prevent NAD+ levels from decreasing too fast.

■ how come i haven’t heard of it before?

Incorporation of NAD+ in anti-ageing solutions is a growing trend in the United States and within the biohacking community, which is spreading worldwide. Today, it is difficult to communicate on NAD+ because the vast majority of published studies on its lifespan extension effect are on mice. It is still necessary to wait for the results of the clinical trials on humans which have to be evaluated over very long periods.

■ how was clidro engineered?

ekei labs team is deeply enthusiastic about longevity sciences and through our analysis of the latest research results in biology we came up with the idea of nad+ via sublingual absorption.

■ should i take any precautions while using clidro?

Please be aware that consuming clidro in large quantities does not heal or improve any disease. Keep the recommended daily intake. Pregnant or nursing women, children under the age of 18 and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using. Maintain a well-balanced diet. This food supplement is not medicine. Keep out of reach of children.

■ what is a mitochondrion?

The mitochondrion is known as the “powerhouse of the cell”. It allows cellular respiration by transforming nutrients and oxygen into energy. This energy is vital for the cells to perform their functions, allowing the whole body to be healthy. for further information (English only)

■ what is a senescent cell?

A senescent cell is a regular cell that has stopped to divide or to support the tissue. But they’re not dead, more in a "zombie-like stage". They create cellular inflammation that spreads to the nearby cells. And guess what? they accumulate with age. for further information (English only) for further information (English only)

■ what is the relation between hypothalamus and longevity?

The hypothalamus is the part of the brain responsible for your internal clock. It’s the one that triggered your puberty onset, it could also have a crucial implication in ageing. Some scientists think that it could be possible to trick it to keep sending youth-signals despite the chronological age, keeping organisms in a prolonged youth-state. for further information (English only)

■ what is the relation between caloric restriction and longevity?

A major event happened in the 1930s — scientists extended the lifespan of an animal for the first time and they did so by decreasing its caloric intake. The reasons why it works are still discussed, but human trials seem to also prove that caloric restrictive diet increase lifespan. for further information (English only)

■ what is neurogenesis?

It is the birth of new neurons 🥳! You lose neurons every day and your brain needs to make new ones and fill the missing space. for further information (English only)

■ what is longevity?

It started as a scientific movement in the 50s, treating ageing as a disease. Thanks to decades of scientific progress, it is now a new health industry, and hopefully the start of a new paradigm: a life with ageing being only a chronological concept. for further information (English only)